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Mayan Culinary Casita

Authentic Mayan Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

The Newest Restaurant at Mahekal Beach Resort - Now Open!

Mahekal Beach Resort is proud to present its newest dining feature - the Mayan Culinary Casita. This authentic Mayan experience combines a rich tradition and historical look into the ways the Mayan people prepared and ate their meals. Our chefs and staff, many with original Mayan ancestry, still speak the language and will prepare a feast for you while explaining their techniques in Mayan, translated in your language. 

Watch as we prepare the traditional Lime and Chicken soup in a large clay pots with locally sourced ingredients. Try spicy and aromatic peppers and condiments to further enhance flavors. Learn how the Mayan people prepared their food in heated pit ovens that cooked the fish and other meats to steamed and moist perfection. Discover original handmade tortilla creations as our staff prepares and cook tortillas for you in the traditional Mayan style. We finish with a sample of Mexican desserts, and the sweetness continues when you take the recipes and menus home with you as souvenirs

Enjoy the local produce drink xtabentún along with Mexican waters, flat and sparkling water, and red or white wine.

Download our Mayan Casita information here

The experience is for a minimum of 4 people with advance reservations required. Meal time is lunch only and is an additional cost per person. The experience pricing does not include alcohol and gratuities and is not part of the Mahekal meal package. To learn more or to make reservations stop by the Concierge or e-mail