Mahekal Beach Resort

10 Magna Ridiculus Ultricies
Vulputate, OR 12345

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Stunning Sunrise Overlooking the Ocean at Mahekal Beach Resort

Mahekal Announcements

Mahekal Beach Resort is located near beach clubs, including Mamita's (28th Street), Canibal Royal (Calle Albatros and 48th Street) and Martina Beach Club (Calle Albatros and 44th Street).  Frequently when the clubs host special events, their music can be heard on-property, around town, as well as on the beach, and it may be disturbing to the peace and quiet of our resort.  We would like you to be aware of the known events the clubs are hosting when making your holiday plans.  As a point of reference, Mahekal is located between 34th and 38th streets on the beach. 

Please reference the tentative list of upcoming events below. Mahekal is not involved in the organization of music festivals and we may not have advance notice for all music events. 

Playa del Carmen Jazz Festival Nov 30-Dec 2, 2017

Upcoming Events

More Events

For additional information, view our festival calendar or visit Mamita's Facebook Page.  Please note that event locations and times may change. 

Should you have any questions or concerns about your stay with us, please contact our Guest Experience Team.

Thank you, 

Resort Staff and Management