Diving in Playa del Carmen

Discover the Secrets of Riviera Maya

Our dive center offers expert-guided Playa del Carmen diving tours, departing several times daily. Tours visit a variety of dive sites around the area, including shallow and deep reefs, and the world-famous cenotes. We customize dives to match your experience level and to make sure you feel comfortable underwater.

For technical diving or cave diving tours, please send us an inquiry.

Ocean Dives

Ocean dives take place along the coastline north and south of the dive center. The dive sites are easily accessible by boat and only 5 to 30 minutes away from the dive center. All dives in the area are drift dives so no worries about swimming back to the boat - we just get in the water, glide effortlessly with the current and get picked up upon surfacing. Currents can be moderate to strong, depending on the site and day. While drifting along the walls and colorful reefs, divers will be amazed by the variety of corals and marine life to be seen!

Ocean - Deep Dives

Our deepest reefs are located 20 meters/70 feet to 30 meters/100 feet below the surface, featuring brilliant hard and soft corals on reef and wall dives. Large schools of fish, sea turtles, rays and nurse sharks are among the animals we see. In the winter months, bull sharks make appearances, too. The current at our deeper dive sites can range from moderate to strong. These dives typically depart at 9 a.m. each day.

Ocean - Shallow Dives

We offer a variety of shallow dive sites ranging from 10 meters/30 feet to 18 meters/60 feet. Shallower sites typically offer less current making them the ideal spots for less experienced divers, underwater photographers, and night dives. Divers can see a variety of marine life ranging from tiny pipe horses to large loggerhead turtles.