The Harmless Seaweed Popping Up in the Caribbean

hat is sargassum?

It's a macroalga of the genus Sargassum and an important component of the marine flora of tropical and subtropical zones. They live floating freely.

Ecosystem services provided:

  • Protection, food and rest areas to many marine species in their different growth stages and reproduction (Turtles, fish, starfish, sharks, snails, crustaceans, among others)
  • Biological filter, helping maintain water quality
  • Ease erosion of beaches
  • Natural soil nutrient

Where does it come from and why does it accumulate?

Recent research indicates that the sargassum on our beaches comes from Brazil and Africa. This phenomenon occurs due to various factors: climate change, meteorological and oceanographic variations, the increase in deforestation of the Amazon and excess of nutrients in the water.

Why it is removed from the beach and water?

Small quantities the sargassum provides organic nutrients to the soil and helps prevent erosion of the beach. However, an excessive amount of nutrients cannot be used efficiently by coastal plants causing changes in color, pH, texture, temperature, chemical and bacteriological composition of sand and water. This affects seagrasses and coastal fauna, especially during the nesting season of sea turtles.

For this reason, and to keep our beach in ecological balance, we remove the excess sargassum utilizing specialized equipment and by hand.

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